Woodside Pediatric Dentistry

1733 Woodside Road suite 280 Redwood City CA 94061

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  • We accept most major insurances.  We are in network with Delta Dental Premier.
  • Your dental plan benefit is  a contract between your employer and the Dental Plan Provider (DPP).  And it is your responsibility to know what your dental plan affords you.  We are happy to help you find out some information as guidance/estimate, however keep in mind that we are not liable for any misinformation provided to us by your insurance company as we are a third party without direct/complete access to your benefits.  
  • If your plan permits assignment of payment, we are happy to bill your DPP as a courtesy to you.  We will estimate your deductible and copay.  These payments are to be collected on the day services are rendered.  If assignment of payment is not permitted, payment for services are due in full on the day, we will still help you submit a claim to insurance.  Most DPP will send you an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) explaining payments made to the dentist, or the reason for a denial of a submitted claim.  It is very important that you review any communication from your DPP, as the EOB defines actions that may need to be performed by the member prior to any claim being settled.  Submitted claims that have not been processed for payment by your DPP 45 days from the date of service will become your financial responsibility, and a statement will be mailed to you for settlement of the account.